2014-Aug-02, Saturday

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The prompt call is CLOSED for prompts.

What you do:

You leave prompts.


sun, sand, sea, and sky

What I do:

I write flash fiction and poetry to your prompts. I send free private copies of the results to the respective prompters. I post at least one of the results as a public freebie, and I post summaries and price tags for the rest.

What you do if you desire:

(1) Sponsor the prompt call by dropping money in the GoFundMe pot and saying it's to sponsor the prompt call and mentioning your Dreamwidth username. This gets you on my access list on this journal, where you can explore the donor perks tag to your heart's content.

(2) Sponsor a story by dropping money in the GoFundMe pot and saying it's to sponsor a particular story that I've posted the summary and price tag for. This gets the story in question posted publicly.

(3) Signal boost by linking to the prompt call from various and sundry. Leave a comment saying you've done so. This jumps your prompts to the top of my list.

Prompt me! Theme: sun, sand, sea, and sky

This prompt call is open until I decide to close it, which will be no sooner than the evening of Sunday August 3. CLOSED for prompts.


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