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Other young ladies Etain's age of ten years were helping the war effort. They cared for younger siblings to free up their mothers for tasks more important to keeping the queendom of Danaan running; they tended gardens to free up the fields for growing food for the soldiers fighting the Anglians; they knit socks to keep the soldiers' feet warm. Warm feet were very important, Cliodhna told Etain wisely. Nobody could think or do very well with cold feet.

Etain wasn't very good at knitting )

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action verb

2013-Apr-13, Saturday 14:18
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Love is a verb, love is an action word,
a trans'tive verb—actor, acted-upon.
It's not enough to sit back, hope you're heard,
when you don't speak to them. The light won't dawn
unless you light it; communication
requires transmitter and recipient.
Make sure they know it's not a mere flirtation,
that's it's real now and not incipient
or fading like an unfed campfire flame.
Fairly divide responsibility.
Don't act as though your love is just a game.
Doing love is not futility.
They say, if you love someone, set them free.
Appreciate, communicate, and be.

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