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2015-May-05, Tuesday 14:51
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For reasons, I have blanked the "writing stages" and "planning stages" sections of my works-in-progress masterlist. Things that were on either list may reappear, but only if I actually start working on them again. I intend to take some time to contemplate what I really want out of life and how best to achieve that; I am confident that having fifty works-in-progress is not it.


2014-Jul-25, Friday 12:19
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Who are you?
That answer tells me
what face to show to you.
Who are you?
I need to know
what name to answer to.
The name my mother gave me
is not my own
but yes it is.
The name I chose myself
is one I rarely hear
but often see.
Different faces, different places.
Different names for different spaces.
Who are you?
Can I be honest with you?
Who am I?

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[personal profile] perfectworry, [personal profile] aldersprig, [personal profile] itsamellama, [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith, [personal profile] sharpeningthebones: I owe the five of you an apology. I promised you fiction in response to the prompts you gave for my October and December Fiction Fishbowls, I (explicitly, in words you saw) promised fiction to those of you who linked back to my fishbowl, and here it is April and no fiction in sight.

You may have noticed I have done no fishbowls since December. I've been feeling as though I am obligated to finish (okay, tell the truth, to start) the fiction I owe you before I attempt to collect prompts and crowdfunding money for new fiction. With your permission (especially [personal profile] perfectworry and [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith, because you two told me you linked to the fishbowls), I'd like a release from that obligation.

I'm not saying the fiction from your prompts will never appear; I don't like saying 'never'. I'm saying I'd like to do a fishbowl this weekend and my brain won't let me unless I can mark 'October Fiction Fishbowl story' and 'December Fiction Fishbowl story' x4 off my to-do list. (Funny things, brains.) I'm saying your prompts haven't inspired me—problem's on my end not yours, I don't doubt—and I'd like to try again with new prompts, new potential, new possibilities. I'm saying I'm sorry, and thank you, and please.
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If you've visited conallpublications.com, you may have noticed that there are two pen names there, Elizabeth Conall and Alex Conall. I intend the latter to be my primary pen name. Therefore, as you see, I have changed my Dreamwidth username from elizabethconall to [personal profile] alexconall.
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Life update: A situation has come up that I am uncomfortable talking about in public, but the upshot is I need less stuff and a lot more money. I remind you that I am open for commissions, have a book for sale, and have one story awaiting full sponsorship from previous Fiction Fishbowls, and on my personal journal I am having an Internet garage sale and am open to doing tarot readings.

Working on:

untitled story code-named Chloe/Manami
"Chain Down the Line"
untitled story code-named DCLXVI
[community profile] crowdfunding Creative Jam (leave prompts! leave many prompts!)

Need to work on:

[community profile] crowdfunding Creative Jam
Leah Far-Sighted
untitled stories for October Fiction Fishbowl
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This thing where I try to hold down a paycheck job and a full-time college enrollment and still write things that aren't for class? Isn't going so well. You may have noticed there hasn't been a Fiction Fishbowl yet this month, and there won't be. That's why.

Working on:

untitled story for Fiction Writing class

Need to work on:

Leah Far-Sighted
untitled stories for October Fiction Fishbowl
untitled story for Fiction Writing class


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