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2015-Mar-30, Monday 10:46
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"Fire in the Head", first on Sharon Knight's Neofolk Romantique album, is a ridiculously awesome song about a piece of Welsh folklore: Cadair Idris and its role as a source of poetic or artistic inspiration. "Some wake mad, and some wake dead, and some will rise with a fire in the head..."

Sharon Knight's Portals Indiegogo campaign has sixteen hours to go. Check it out!
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"Solstice Night" by SJ Tucker celebrates the winter solstice just past: My wish this Solstice Night is grace and peace to you.
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So as you may have noticed, my original intent for Music Monday posts didn't go so well. I'm rebooting the concept.

"Roundtable Rival" by Lindsey Stirling, off the album Shatter Me, is a delightful violin dance tune, though I have to admit I'm mostly interested in the video, embedded above. Steampunk Western with sound waves instead of bullets and dance and instruments instead of guns!

This actually comes from one of the same people who brought us "Pokémon Dubstep Remix", a violin remix of the Pokémon theme song, embedded below:

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I plan to spend Mondays on this blog recommending music that appears on the Internet under a Creative Commons Attribution or Attribution-ShareAlike license. There will be tags for Music Monday, Writing Wednesday on which I talk about writing, Friday Five in which I talk about random things in categories of five, and Wacky Weekends in which I discuss anything that comes to mind.

For your first recommendation: Hungry Lucy's Pulse of the Earth. Free to listen, $5 to download. I'm particularly fond of "Hill", which seems to me to describe a trip into faerieland ("underneath the hill"), and "The Standing Ones", which talks about life and death from the perspective of the dead person. Hungry Lucy describe themselves as "electronica" with an adjective that I won't repeat because it's an ethnic slur. I can't tell you they're unproblematic; I can't tell you anything's unproblematic. I can tell you I like their music in spite of that problem.

I'm also fairly certain that songs from Pulse of the Earth will be appearing in Blow That Trumpet Gabriel. I'm not sure where or why yet, I just know that this is music Leah Driscoll listens to...

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