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Alex Conall, social justice bard ([personal profile] alexconall) wrote2013-12-07 05:23 pm

Green Revolution [freebie for the October Fiction Fishbowl, yes I know it's December]

travel only as fast as a bicyclist with a trailer can go
(unless a true medical emergency and every minute counts)
(then break out the ambulances and helicopters)
carry medicines and trade goods
maintain the road network and the Internet
to know what's needed where and who can get it there fastest

in some ways it's not as good as it used to be
because sometimes people die
from not having insulin
or antibiotics
but that was true before too

just not in the rich parts
of the rich part
of the world

but it is natural
to focus on what we lost
and not what we gained

when the Green Revolution came

there were no guillotines
this time
the leaders felt
a nation born in enemies' blood
is no nation at all
most of us agreed

there was just
the feeling
some quiet some vocal
that this is enough
and more than enough
and too much

making clothes by hand
growing vegetable gardens in pots on windowsills
chickens with the freedom of the backyard
renewable resources

community banding together
city banding together
world banding together
to help those who need it

from each
according to their ability
what they are capable of
what they are good at
to each
according to what they need

what each wants
they can earn for themselves

in some ways it's worse
than before the Green Revolution
but the revolution was always coming

better revolution than collapse

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