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I am not a starving artist; that's because I have a day job. I would, however, like to be a little less starving and a little more artist.

Writing commissions and editing services are currently CLOSED.

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These stories from my prompt calls are available for sponsorship: they're already written and the people who prompted them have seen them, but they're not posted publicly until they're sponsored. If you don't like Paypal but do want to sponsor a story, talk to me and we'll work something out.

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These stories from my July Fiction Fishbowl are available for sponsorship. I have a permanent Paypal button on my profile, or if you don't like Paypal but do want to sponsor a story, talk to me and we'll work something out.

"Where Should This Music Be?" — 547 words, $13 sponsored by [personal profile] jb_slasher
She reads about fairies. Does she want to join them?

"Green and Blue" — 252 words, $6 sponsored by [ profile] book_worm5
This isn't her usual fiber art, but she thinks the magic will be better appreciated if she uses the unfamiliar fiber art.

"Sunlight and Rain" — 922 words, $23
She's a ghost only there sometimes—what does it take to see her and set her free?
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The fishbowl is CLOSED. Stories available for sponsorship.

Most of the time, writing is a solo activity. A writing fishbowl (as [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith shows) is writing in public: 'under glass', as Harlan Ellison has been known to do, sitting in a bookstore window and writing an idea provided by an audience member.

This is my bookstore window.

The theme of this month's fishbowl is colors and rainbows. Please leave prompts about characters, settings, plot elements, and such related to that theme. I will write poems and short stories based on your prompts.

This is an exercise in crowdfunded creativity. An excellent way to inspire me to do a thing is to pay me to do it; if you like what you see and you want to see more, feed the storyteller.

There are several options for feeding the storyteller:

1) Sponsor the fishbowl. I have a Paypal button for donations. The recommended minimum donation is $1, because Paypal takes a fee from every transaction. Any Dreamwidth user who donates (make sure you mention your username) will be on my access list (where I post at-least-weekly excerpts from my works in progress) for two months. Anonymous donations are of course welcome, but cannot get that bonus.

If donations reach $50—keep an eye on the ticker—I will post a two-thousand-word prose short story; this month it will be "Dragon Phoenix Match", based on "Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight".

2) Sponsor a story. Each story will have a price tag, using the same semi-pro rate as above, rounded down to the nearest dollar. A two-hundred-word prose story will cost $5, a two-thousand-word story $50, comparable to what Duotrope Digest assures me I would make by selling the story to a semiprofessional market. Similarly, a poem of up to ten lines will cost $5, of up to twenty-five lines $10, of up to forty lines $15, of up to sixty lines $20, and a longer poem, we'll talk. When you sponsor a story (prose or poetry), tell me which story you want to sponsor—every time I complete a story for the fishbowl, I will comment to the prompter with the title, the medium, a brief summary, and the price—and I will immediately post it publicly to this journal, with your username listed as sponsor.

3) Spread the word. Link to this post from any social media, suggest that people come and leave prompts, and leave a comment saying you did so. If you link back and you leave prompts, I will use one of those prompts. If I see a new prompter or donor—and this is my first fishbowl, so y'all all new—I will post a free story; "The Food of Love", based on Andersen's "The Little Mermaid", is in final edits in anticipation. "The Food of Love" is posted.

Whenever I write a story to one of your prompts, I will send you a private copy of the story, via Dreamwidth PM to logged-in prompters or email to anonymous prompters who give their email (anonymous prompters who do not leave contact information cannot get private copies of stories). Please do not share it with anyone.

At least one of the stories resulting from the fishbowl will be posted for free, so y'all have a better idea of what you're getting into.

At the end of the fishbowl, I will post a list of all the unsold stories, to simplify life for anyone looking to see if you might want to sponsor something.

This fishbowl will last until the evening of Sunday, July 7.

Leave your prompts here! This month's theme is colors and rainbows.

tarot story draw

2013-Jun-14, Friday 23:51
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I find that the tarot is an aid to creativity. I am offering a one-card draw using the Hanson-Roberts deck: you ask for a card and leave a prompt of up to five words, and I draw you a tarot card and write you a story of approximately one hundred words based on your card and your prompt.

If you feel inclined to feed the author, every dollar you donate adds about one hundred words to your story (or to another commenter's story if you'd rather). If you donate, please tell me which story you want more of.

Anonymous comments are screened. All stories will be publicly visible.

The draw is CLOSED.

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It cost money she did not have to buy
flax and cotton fiber, or seeds to fly
where they might grow into plants needing more
tending than she could afford. So she tore )

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