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Alex Conall, social justice bard ([personal profile] alexconall) wrote2014-10-12 12:08 pm

Starstuff (written for the #WalkInIssysShoes flashblog)

they say
square pegs
round holes
she's a star-shaped peg
and her mother
(who she should
have been able
to trust
to keep her safe
to keep her whole
because that's what parents
are supposed to do)
tried to cut away the starstuff
and make of her an ordinary
round peg
and when that didn't work
her mother tried
to kill them both
the world would see
with sympathy
not for Issy Stapleton
the autistic the victim the unperson
but for her mother
come, look up at the stars

Creative Commons License
#WalkInIssysShoes: Starstuff by Alex Conall is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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