alexconall: the Pleiades (Default)
Alex Conall, social justice bard ([personal profile] alexconall) wrote2013-12-15 04:00 pm

Sensory Overstimulation [freebie for December Fiction Fishbowl]

Rock back and forth, rock side to side to side.
The motion soothes the drumming in Ruth's brain.
She's very close to need to go to hide
from people in the quiet or the rain.
The angels wearing people, they all press
their selves against Ruth's magic senses, and
the angels who are people, they too stress
her mind, though she is one herself. She'll stand
and flee if one more comes. She's needed here,
her father says. She must then stay. It's in
the rules. She wants so much to disappear.
The light, the heat, the crowd! The noise, the din!
Rock back and forth, rock side to side to side.
New voices in the fray. Ruth can't abide.

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