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2013-Aug-20, Tuesday 14:22
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Skepticon, a convention for atheists and skeptics, is happening again this November. Atheism+, which is the intersection of the atheist movement and various social justice movements, would like to send one of our own to Skepticon. Because fuck knows the mainstream atheist movement, being as white and male and straight and cis and generally privileged as it is, could do with an infusion of social justice.

Contribute a few dollars and get a small piece of art from a friend of mine or a flash fiction or a piece of jewelry from me. Contribute a few more dollars and get a short story from me or a song from my friend. Another friend is doing beadwork for a few more dollars than that. We're hoping to get seven hundred dollars, which will cover airfare and hotel for one person, though we don't yet know who. (Not me, though.) If we fall short, or go over but not by enough to cover another person's travel and hotel, the extra money goes to Skepticon.


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