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Alex Conall, social justice bard ([personal profile] alexconall) wrote2014-01-13 05:44 pm
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happy birth-and-name-day to me

If you've visited, you may have noticed that there are two pen names there, Elizabeth Conall and Alex Conall. I intend the latter to be my primary pen name. Therefore, as you see, I have changed my Dreamwidth username from elizabethconall to [personal profile] alexconall.
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[personal profile] magistrate 2014-01-14 10:39 am (UTC)(link)
Happy birthday! And may your name fit you well.

Wanted to let you know that I saw [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith link to your Excel demographics generator over in [community profile] allbingo, and I thought it was such a cool idea that I whipped up a somewhat-similar customizable web version. (I've credited you as the inspiration. ^^)

It doesn't have nearly as much pre-loaded information as your does, and it's still in a pretty rough alpha version, but it was a fun mental exercise, so thank you for that!