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Alex Conall, social justice bard ([personal profile] alexconall) wrote2013-11-16 09:49 am

what I've been working on, week ending Nov 16, and what I need to be working on, week ending Nov 23

Life update: A situation has come up that I am uncomfortable talking about in public, but the upshot is I need less stuff and a lot more money. I remind you that I am open for commissions, have a book for sale, and have one story awaiting full sponsorship from previous Fiction Fishbowls, and on my personal journal I am having an Internet garage sale and am open to doing tarot readings.

Working on:

untitled story code-named Chloe/Manami
"Chain Down the Line"
untitled story code-named DCLXVI
[community profile] crowdfunding Creative Jam (leave prompts! leave many prompts!)

Need to work on:

[community profile] crowdfunding Creative Jam
Leah Far-Sighted
untitled stories for October Fiction Fishbowl

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