2013-Mar-27, Wednesday

A Dinner of Herbs

2013-Mar-27, Wednesday 10:58
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I wrote two short stories for the collection A Dinner of Herbs, which is now available on Amazon, paperback and Kindle. The only ebook format currently available is Kindle, but there's no DRM so buying it and converting it to a format suiting your ereader is a definite possibility. If you don't have an ereader, Kindle for PC is free, or there's always the paperback.

My stories are "To the Devil and Back", a lesbian retelling of "Rapunzel" set in 1750s England, and "Pray You, Love, Remember", an original concerning a mortal woman raised by fae and trying to balance both her worlds. My friend Anne B. Walsh's are "The Wisdom to Know the Difference", in which a young witch in training does her first major magic, and "Born to Set It Right", in which a Damsel and Companion on Quest with a Hero to defeat a Villain deconstruct fantasy tropes.

I hope you enjoy.


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