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Alex Conall, social justice bard ([personal profile] alexconall) wrote2013-03-23 06:33 pm

Walls of Jasper

Two cities stand on a plain.

Inhabitants of the city in the west look eastward with scorn. What decadence! they exclaim. What moral decay! Why, the people of that city have no shame, none at all! Their women wear revealing clothing—so do their men! Their homosexual people admit that status freely! Their people who claim to be other than the sex they were born to, they're spoken of as though they are the sex they claim to be—even the ones who claim to be both sexes, or neither, or something else entirely! Their prostitutes are not thereby criminals! Do you know, they actually think no one is ever obligated to have sex? Some groups of three or more claim to all be married to one another! No one can tell a person's station in life at a glance, not from clothes nor teeth nor skin! They allow worship of different gods, and none at all! And what can they be thinking when they design their art to showcase people who are of low station? What can they be thinking when they design their buildings and social structures to accommodate people who have surely brought some calamity on themselves, as proven by their blindness or madness or unending pain? What brazen people live in Inferno, and how marvelous a place is Paradiso!

Inhabitants of the city in the east look westward with pity. What tragedy, they say. What unnecessary shame. Do you know, they actually think it's possible to be expected, required to have sex? How horrible to be someone who is expected, required to be ashamed of who one is! Or of what one does, when what one does harms no one! What small dull painful lives people live in Hell, and how marvelous a place is Heaven!

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Walls of Jasper by Elizabeth Conall is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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